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7\" Cleaver Knife

7" Vegetable Cleaver - G10 Grip/VG-10 Steel/High Carbon Steel/67 Layer Damascus Steel/Stainless Baseplate/15" Overall Length


The VG-10 high carbon steel, 67 layer Damascus knife is cutlery grade. The “G” in VG-10 stands for “gold” meaning quality. And, quality is exactly what you possess with this vegetable cleaver. That’s right! This 7” double edged blade is razor sharp. It’s harder than most ordinary stainless steel types, so it’s perfect for chopping and dicing the hardest of vegetables. The center of the blade is ever so slightly raised so you can create a rocking back and forth chopping rhythm to impress. A favorite of chefs for it’s durability to withstand long shifts, you won’t need to sharpen it often, but, when you do, it sharpens to a razor’s edge easier than other stainless steel types. And, while we’re talking blade, the hammered steel design isn’t just for looks. It provides a nonstick surface to enhance your chopping skills. The baseplate is a lustrous stainless steel with a G-10 grip of multiple layers of glass cloth which ensures high strength and low density, meaning it’s the toughest glass fiber resin laminate. You can throw those carbon fiber handles away! Like all of our knives, this vegetable cleaver is full tang measuring 12” overall. Chop! Chop! Your vegetables await!

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