Otto's Poultry


Fairway Packing Provides the Finest Cuts of Veal, Pork, Lamb & Poultry!finest-cuts-of-veal.jpg


Try our Provimi Veal Chop. Provimi stands for Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals. Naturally tender and flavorful, this impressive chop of veal makes any meal a special event.


Fairway Packing Company is pleased to offer 100% pure Berkshire pork to its customers. Berkshire Pork’s superior taste and texture has made it an ideal choice for almost four centuries. Food critics have recognized the superior qualities of Berkshire Pork. This piece of meat’s specific marbling with light fat allows it to retain its juicy nature which has made it a favorite among meat lovers.


Our lamb is pasture raised and all natural, sourced from the finest of Colorado ranches. This is a product of the USA. Distinct and aromatic in flavor, Domestic lamb is a great choice. Our lamb is sourced from the finest of Colorado ranches, pasture raised and all natural. Our high quality lamb is very rich in flavor and tenderness.


Our quality poultry comes from Otto's Farms, a USDA inspected facility in Middleville, MIchigan. These chickens are free of hormones, growth promotion agents and antibiotics. Here at Fairway we offer nothing but the best quality to our customers. The same goes for our Turkey. An all-natural bird, free of any synthetic treatment leaves the bird as natural as possible. Come in and pick up a bird for the family!