Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions section is designed to assist with any questions you may have. We do base our entries off of questions we receive and also from questions we foresee being asked. If you would like to have your question answered and it's not in these FAQs, simple send us an email!

Product Related FAQs(10)

Is your catalog limited to what's on the site?
No, if there is an item that you don't see online just let us know.

What determines a good piece of beef?
The real determining factor is your taste-buds and personal preference. However because of taste-buds and personal preference, the general consensus is how tender, flavorful and juicy the beef is. The more marbling a piece of beef has, the more tender and juicy it will be. Those fats will break down as they cook, cooking away mostly, into the beef making it an delectable delight to eat.

What does Dry-Aged mean?
Dry-aged means it's been aged in a temperature controlled room. The beef is not aged in it's juices. This aging process allows for the outer section of the beef to dry out, concentrating all of the flavor to the inside of the beef, creating a very unique flavor, while maintaining the tenderness and texture of the beef. The reason dry aged beef is so amazing is that aging allows natural enzymes to breakdown the hard connective tissue in meats and for water to evaporate away concentrating the flavor. Our beef is dry-aged for 28 days with *trade secret*, creating a very unique flavor.

What does Wet-Aged mean?
Wet-Aged means that the beef has been allowed to age in it's juices to help provide a more beefy, flavorful taste. It will also tenderize the beef.

How often is your packing and cutting facility USDA inspected?
Our packing facility is inspected multiple times daily by the USDA. We maintain one of the cleanest facilities in the Midwest, as rated by the USDA.

How is the tenderness of beef determined?
The tenderness of beef is determined by the marbling of the meat. Marbling is the intra-muscular fat. An even distribution of marbling will determine how tender a piece of beef is.

What does "All Natural" mean?
All beef is all natural, if it comes from cattle. When we say All Natural on this website, we're referring to how the cattle is raised. Notably Certified Piedmontese, Creekstone Farms, Imperial Wagyu, Utica Pork and Berkridge Farms are some brands that we carry that have all natural blood lines.

Where do you get your beef?
We obtain our USDA beef from the finest farms across the country. All products from these farms are sustainable and have traceability

Shipping Related FAQs (7)

When can I expect my order?
If you placed your order Monday through Wednesday before 12pm, you can expect it within two days of ordering. All orders placed on Wednesday after 12pm and Thursday before 12pm will be shipped out Thursday for Next day delivery as long as you select overnight shipping. You will have option at checkout to select overnight shipping or standard 2nd Day Air. If you select normal shipping, there is a good chance your order will not be shipped until Monday for a Wednesday delivery. If you ordered it on a weekend (Friday to Sunday) we will pack and ship it the upcoming Monday. All orders are shipped the same day they are packed. In other words, review the chart below! If the order is placed before 12pm EST assume same day packaging and shipment. If after 12pm EST assume next day packaging and shipment.

FedEx 2nd Day   FedEx Priority Overnight
Order Day Packaging Day Expect Delivery   Order Day Packaging Day Expect Delivery
Monday Monday Wednesday   Monday Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Tuesday Thursday   Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Wednesday Friday   Wednesday Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Monday Wednesday   Thursday Thursday Friday
Friday* Monday Wednesday   Friday* Monday Tuesday
Saturday* Monday Wednesday   Saturday* Monday Tuesday
Sunday* Monday Wednesday   Sunday* Monday Tuesday

* We do not ship or package on these days.

You may look at this and say, why will it take so long?! Well because we're shipping cold, fresh products, we need to make sure they arrive at your door, cold and fresh. This means that it needs to be delivered before the ice packs melt. Which is a minimum time of 3 days. We do not freeze our beef.

Can I pick it up?
Absolutely, you can pick up all orders for no charge from 1313 Erskine Rd. Detroit, MI 48207. Our pick-up hours are between 7 am and 1 pm. Please call ahead! (313) 832-2710

How is the beef packed?
All of our beef is vacuum sealed. We cut it fresh, the day it's set to be shipped out. Each cut of beef is vacuum sealed for freshness and this will allow it to wet-age as it's on it's way.

Where do you ship?
We ship anywhere within the United States.

Is your Beef frozen?
No. We never freeze our beef. When it's frozen and then thawed, only to be frozen again it will change the taste and texture of the beef. Enzymes will break down from the freezing process. Since we pride ourselves on our expertise and quality of our beef, we will never freeze beef. We do not advise against it, but you never want to re-freeze beef. When it arrives, in our vacuum sealed packaging, freshly cut for you, you can freeze it once, but never twice.

Website Support Related FAQs(3)

Where is my gift certificate?
If you were gifted a Gift Certificate from a friend via our website, when you checkout, there will be an option to select it. You can check the amount left on your Gift Certificate by clicking on MY ACCOUNT (above) then EDIT. Upon scrolling down you will find your Gift Certificate information. If you were gifted a Gift Certificate from a friend via our website and you have not received it or it is not present when you logged in, please Contact Us with the issue and we will resolve it as best we can!

Why won't my credit card work?
1. We validate the postal code with your credit card company, which means that the Billing Postal Code must be the one on file for the credit card. 2. The name you enter in the Card Holder Name field, must be exactly as shown on the card. *Example: If the card reads John D Doe, the Card Holder field must say John D Doe. 3. Verify that all the card details are correct, this includes, Card Type (American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover,) Card Holder Name, Expiration Date and CVV (Can be found on back of card for Visa, Discover and Mastercard, On the front for American Express) 4. If you're still having issues, give us a jingle at (313) 832-2710!