Dry Aged Program

How It Works

The reason dry aged beef is so amazing is that aging allows natural enzymes to breakdown the hard connective tissue in meats and for water to evaporate away concentrating the flavor.

Dry aging at Fairway is done by racking meat in a controlled, closely monitored environment, and refrigerated environment. The temperature needs to stay between 36-32 degrees. Too warm and the meat will spoil too cold and it will freeze stopping the aging process. Dry aging beef also needs humidity of about 80 percent to reduce water loss. Too high or too low can affect yields considerably.

To control bacteria you need a constant flow of air all around the meat which means it needs to be racked in a well ventilated space. In our dry aging room we have 6 industrial fans that constantly create a hurricane type wind. At Fairway we take it a step further by having ultra violet rays in our room to also help kill off bacteria.

For aging to properly improve the quality of a cut of meat, it should contain substantial marbling. This means fat in the beef distributed evenly. For the best experience only the highest grades of beef will be aged in our room here at Fairway.

Aging steaks to an art takes about 11 days before you see any improvement in the flavor of the meat. After that the flavor continues to intensify. At Fairway we have a minimum 28 day aging program. We feel that this will provide our customers with the best piece of beef they have ever eaten.

Just when we thought you couldn’t make dry aging beef any better than aging it in a controlled, closely watched and refrigerated environment we found a way to do it. Our state of the art room is equipped with a Himalayan salt wall. The salt acts as a natural purifier that helps control the humidity as well as season the air giving the beef even more flavor.

Fairway believes that this is the red carpet beef of the future. We take pride in our aging program every step of the way to assure the greatest steaks.

What You Get

  • Personally monitored beef daily by one of our specialists
  • State of the art facility
  • Naturally purified air system
  • Himalayan salt wall
  • Will age to your specification
  • Will cut to your specification
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Top USDA Prime, Wagyu, Piedmontese beef available

Call us today to talk to one of our Dry Aging Specialists about a Dry Aging Program customized for your menu.

With our state of the art dry aging room, we let our meat intensify and focus in on it’s tenderness and flavor profile as we age it for as much as 28 days. This allows for the connective tissue to break down, allowing for an overall better eating experience. Try one of our dry aged cuts today and taste the difference for yourself.

Primals & Cuts:

  • - Export Ribs: 103 *paper wrap, 107 *paper wrap, Tomahawk Chop, Rib Eye, bone in (Cowboy Steak), Rib Eye, boneless
  • - Strips: NY Strip, bone in, NY Strip, boneless,
  • - Short Loin: Porterhouse, T-Bone, Filet, bone in, Filet Mignon
  • - Brisket
  • - Domestic Lamb Racks

Want Your Own Rack?
Fairway will dry age to your specifications. Call one of our Dry Aging Specialists today!